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    • ECO Secretariat Organized a Workshop on Cybercrimes, Participated by Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey
      ECO Secretariat Organized a Workshop on Cybercrimes, Participated by Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey
      A workshop on “Cybercrimes” was held in Tehran on November 3-7, 2019, at the International Police Academy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (AIPA). The Workshop was co-organized by the ECO and the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Tehran and with the technical support AIPA. It was attended by the representatives of Afghanistan, Iran (host), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Turkey.

      The main objective of the workshop was the provision of some additional knowledge to the participants about cyber-attacks, examining and elaborating on data collection methods, skimming tools, infiltration test tools, mobile hacking, introduction on types of cyber-crime as well as tracking phishing and skimming related crimes, tracking cases of fraud and introduction on OSINT (open-source intelligence), crime scene investigation, cyber digital forensics, digital evidence lab, and data excavation.

      Brig. Gen. Kazem Mojtabaei, Deputy Head of Interpol of Iran and Dr. Huseyin Avni Bicakli, Deputy Secretary General of ECO, delivered statements at the opening session. They highlighted that in order to contribute effectively to regional and global efforts for combating cybercrimes, there is a strong need for exchange of information and sharing best practices among all the stakeholders of the law enforcements agencies of the ECO Member States.

      In his opening statement, Deputy Secretary General Bicakli, welcomed the participants and thanked Interpol of Iran for hosting this important course. He added that the ECO as in charge of coordinating the collective regional efforts to fight against organized crimes in the Region with a view to promote peace and stability as the prerequisites for economic development.

      Brig. Gen. Kazem Mojtabaei, also welcomed the participants and appreciated the ECO for its efforts which led to the successful holding of this workshop. He said that in Iran, various trainings were delivered by professional training staff to more than many different countries and wished another successful course with the contributions of both trainers and trainees. He concluded his speech by mentioning effective cooperation with ECO, and reiterated their readiness to continue holding more workshops in future.

      The participants appreciated the organization of this important workshop. Representative of Pakistan stated that Pakistan might consider hosting of the 2nd Workshop on cybercrimes in its respective country.

      Towards the end of the workshop, certificate of participation awarded to the participants of the workshop.

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