• About Trade & Investment
      Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) play an important large role in the economic growth of developing countries. Increased exports and inward investment creates wealth which drives economic growth and hence creates jobs in an economy.

      In ECO too, Trade and Investment sector occupies the foremost important place and is among the core priority areas. High level fora (including Ministerial Meetings on Commerce and Foreign Trade, Ministerial Meetings on Finance and Economy, the Meetings of Heads of Tax Administration, Heads of Central Banks, Heads of Customs Administrations, Heads of Trade Promotion Organizations) make decisions on trade related matters. These decisions determine the direction and scope for ECO cooperation in the areas of trade and investment.

      The ECO-Vision 2025 was approved during the 13th ECO Summit held at Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 1st March 2017. The details of the Trade Related Part of Vision 2025 can be seen here.

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