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    • Transport and Connectivity
      Transport, mobility and connectivity shall increasingly play its critical role in ensuring regional development, prosperity, social well-being, cohesiveness and the realization of Information Society. Accordingly, to achieve the maximum possible connectivity and its consequent impact on socio-economic development, there is a compelling need to cooperate on fundamental transit related policy issues through increasing efficiency, creating a more harmonized, simplified legal and administrative framework by means of facilitating accession to and implementation of major international conventions/agreements aimed at easing procedures for movement of peoples and goods across the region and beyond, in an efficient way.

      Other imperative prerequisite to that end are full implementation of the Transit Transport Framework Agreement (TTFA), facilitating regular and commercially justified operation of ECO corridors/Routes, and modernization of border crossing points Customs.

      Addressing the unique challenges faced by the seven landlocked Member States of the ECO needs to be given paramount attention through inter alia providing for efficient and cost-effective transit access.

      As concerns ICT connectivity and its inevitable impact on future development level of the ECO region, development and maintenance of information and communication technology, integration in the global market where information and communications technology is a contributor to sustainable and inclusive growth are crucial for the member states. to that end, access to affordable broadband, removal of monopolies, maximizing competitiveness through strengthening of private sector in provision of ICT related services, creation of an enabling environment for increasing the share of ICT related services and products in Member States GDP needs to be given a paramount significance.

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