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    • Social Welfare and Environment
      As specified in the founding documents of the Organization, uplifting the standards of living, quality of life, economic welfare and well being of people of the Region constitute the very aim of regional cooperation in this part of the world. This, requires, among others, adoption of social protection and environment preservation policies in the Region. Realization of the above strategic objective, which is also ECO’s core objective, requires a multi-faceted and supportive policy environment to address and tackle challenges emanating from, among others, increased population, increasing pressures on the natural resources, region-wide social-economic disparities, changing climatic and eco-systems conditions and other trans-boundary environmental problems, frequent natural disasters, drug and human trafficking, food security and health problems and education systems.

      This policy environment shall be created through effective national and regional policies, active involvement of all Member Countries in ECO decision making processes, and feasible and meaningful ECO relationship with the global players and stakeholders within the context of SDGs, Sendai Framework and Paris Agreement.

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