• Section of Project Management
      The Directorate for Projects, Economic Research and Statistics (PERS) functions as research/statistics supporter for various activities/directorates of the ECO Secretariat. The PERS Directorate is also responsible to provide Member States with the economic and financial data and information, statistical data as well as analytical publications and papers as relate to the cooperation among them in the ECO Region.

      The PERS Directorate is also in charge of monitoring the progress in implementation of ECO projects and programmes implemented in the Organization. The overall inter-agency coordination of the projects is vested with the Project Monitoring Group (PMU) of ECO, which consists of the senior management of the Secretariat. The PMU is aimed at strengthening the efficiency in development, implementation and monitoring of the projects which include also accountability and financing. It is designed to maintain regular interactions with PMUs in Executing Agencies of Member States.

      The PERS Directorate has established the ECO Statistical Network (ECOSTAT) in 2011. It collects, compiles and updates statistical information and data received from the Member States. The efforts to set up a sector-based statistical data are underway. The Directorate works on developing a harmonized approach to the methodology, measurements, classifications, metadata and selection criteria used by ECO National Statistical Offices (NSOs.)

      The PERS Directorate also coordinates economic research studies carried out in the framework of the “ECO Joint Economic Research Programme.” The ECO Permanent Steering Committee on Economic Research (PSCER) has been established for implementation of the “ECO Plan of Action on Economic Research”. PERS Directorate is responsible for compilation and dissemination of two major economic publication of the Organization: “ECO Annual Economic Reports” that reflect annual economic performance of the Member States, and “ECO Economic Journal” which provides articles/papers/abstracts/reviews related to economic development and integration in the Region. The “ECO Editorial Board” is the central body of the Organization for consideration and approval of content of ECO economic publications. The ECO Research Centre (ERC) (in Baku) is also in the process of operationalization.

      PERS Directorate has been also engaged in capacity building and training activities aimed at enhancing the existing capacities and skills in the relevant bodies of the Member states. There has been partnerships/joint programmes with the regional and international partners such as UNESCAP, FAO, EcoMod, as well as national authorities of some Member States in this regard.

      Director and Staff

      - Ms. Bayan Adilbekova (Kazakh national)
      Head of Section of Project Management
      Tel: (+9821)22831733-34
      Email: adilbekova@eco.int
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