• Deputies Secretary General

      The current bureaucratic structure of the ECO provides four positions of the Deputies Secretary General. The incumbents of the posts, deputed by relevant Member States, are assigned different portfolios in line with the sectoral activities of the Organisation.

    • DSG (Admin, EME, IT and IR)
      Administration, Energy, Minerals and Environment, Information Technology; and International Relations

      Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Bıçaklı (Turkish national) is ECO Deputy Secretary General (since November 2018) in charge of Energy, Minerals and Environment (EME) Directorate; Human Resources & Sustainable Development Directorate; Administration and Management Section; IT Section and International Relations Section.

    • DSG (Tourism, Project Management & Judicial Coordination)
      DSG (Tourism, Project Management & Judicial Coordination)

      Ambassador Jandos Asanov (Kazakh national) is ECO Deputy Secretary General (since 1 February 2020) in charge of Tourism Directorate; Project Management Section; Judicial and Parliamentary Coordination and ECO Advocacy Programme for Afghanistan Section.

    • DSG (T&I and A&I)
      DSG (T&I and A&I)

      Mr. Seyed Mohsen Esperi (Iranian National) assumed the charge of the Deputy Secretary General (Trade & Investment, Agriculture & Industries (AI) and Transport & Communications) at the ECO Secretariat in December 2021.

    • DSG (T&C and HRSD)
      DSG (T&C and HRSD)

      Vacant (Pakistani national)

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