Member States

      According to the Article XIII of the Treaty Of Izmir, “Any State enjoying ...

      Basic Documents

      ECO legal body consists of series of legal instruments governing the ...

      15th Summit

      Turkmenistan organized the 15th Summit
    • H.E. Secretary General

       H.E. Secretary General

      Amb. Khusrav NOZIRI

      Ambassador Khusrav NOZIRI is the13th Secretary General of the ECO who started his tenure in August 2021.
    • Deputies Secretary General

      Deputies Secretary General

      There are four ​Deputies Secretary General in the ECO ...

      Directorates and Sections

      Directorates and Sections

      There are six directorates and six sections in the ECO ...

    • Congratulation Letters and Messages on the Ocassion of ECO Day 2021
    • Activities
    • ECO Region and Global Agenda
      The ECO intergovernmental machinery and institutional arrangements, as one of the most prominent regional economic groups in the world, are vividly interacting with the emerging and trending global issues, particularly the UN-sponsored global agendas. It was the case from the 1960s, when ECO’s predecessor - RCD - began to exist close to the “development paradigm” of the day, and continues to be the case in the post-2015 development agenda. The ECO Member States, individually and collectively as a region, are involved in policymaking as well as operational frameworks to react to the challenges/opportunities exposed by the global issues of regional and national impacts. These include, among others, climatic changes, natural hazards, and sectors and themes addressed by the SDGs.
    • Latest Publications

      ECO CHRONICLE 2021 No:25

      This issue of ECO Chronicle contains information on activities within ECO. It also includes interviews, articles and reports.

      ECO Vision 2025

      The ‘vision statement’ in the document incorporates the insight and desires of the ECO member countries for collaboration in economic development in the backdrop of changing world environment and ...

      Leveraging Economic Potential of ECO Region

      "Leveraging Economic Potential of ECO Region" is a pioneering publication of the organization on the subject and an initiative the Directorate of Trade and Investment. This publication presents ...
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      There are some regular flagship reports published by the Secretariat. Most ...

      ECO Chronicle

      ECO Chronicle is the quarterly magazine of the Organization published with the ...

      Research and Studies

      ECO Secretariat sponsors regular or project-based studies and researches ...
    • EVENTS

      Annual Calendar of Events

      As per ECO Rules of Procedure, the annual Calendar of Events of the ...

      Monthly Events

      The ECO Secretariat, the ECO regional institutions and specialized agencies ...

      Held Events

      Following organization of each scheduled meeting/event, a synopsis of the ...
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