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      Activation of ECO- ITI Road Corridor A historical achievement for ECO Region
      The long awaited ECO-ITI (Islamabad-Tehran- Istanbul) Road Corridor finally came into existence with the arrival of two loaded trucks from Karachi to Istanbul on 7th October 2021. The convoy of the two trucks travelled the distance of 5300 Km transiting through the Islamic Republic of Iran and entered the Istanbul Customs on 07 October 2021.
      The ECO-ITI project was first initiated at the 8th ECO Transport Ministerial Meeting in 2011 and after consistent follow up and support by the ECO Secretariat finally operationalized to serve the cause of regional connectivity and economic integration.
      A Study Project was also conducted in 2020 with technical assistance of IRU to sort out the details, opportunities, challenges and solutions of the important corridor.
      The trucks were the first transit operation for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan under TIR system since the country acceded to the important transit convention.
      Mr. Khodaei, Director of Transport and communication of the ECO Secretariat, in his statement, during the ceremony at the Muratbey Customs office of Istanbul on 8 Oct 2021, described the movement of trucks on ECO-ITI as a historic milestone that goes beyond a mere transit operation and well serves the regional development and integration targets. He also highlighted the role of IRU and TIR Convention in the project and emphasized on the digitalization of the corridor to help speed up and simplify the administrative procedures for border crossings.

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