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    • ECO Secretariat Organizes a High-Level Expert Group Meeting on Tourism
      ECO Secretariat Organizes a High-Level Expert Group Meeting on Tourism
      The Secretariat of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) convened a High Level Expert Group (HLEG) Meeting to deliberate over the process for implementing ECO Roadmap on Facilitating Accelerated Recovery, Safe and Sustainable Development of Tourism after COVID-19. The event, organized virtually on March 6, 2023, was attended by Representatives of Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

      Inaugurating the Meeting, ECO Director for Tourism Mr. Jasur Rajabov underscored the importance of tourism for economic growth and development. In citation of the declarations made by highest ECO Leadership during 15th Summit, he said that the Organization was making serious efforts for an accelerated post-COVID recovery of the regional tourism through the application of a coherent policy envisaged in the relevant roadmap that focuses on immediate needs and requirements of the sector. In this regard, he emphasized the role of HLEG to help expedite necessary coordination and enhance interaction amongst the Member States for facilitating smooth implementation of the roadmap.

      The meeting, inter alia, recommended a draft implementation framework of the roadmap for circulation amongst the Member States in order to ascertain their views on the document. Moreover, the meeting also discussed the composition and establishment of a Monitoring Committee that would meet quarterly to serve as principal coordinating body for working on the issues related to the said implementation process.

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